Monthly Archives: November 2014


2 Months And Half Of Experience

After 2 months and half in Bali Je T’aime company, it is time to make the points. Since the beginning, I had the chance to discover a lot. My professional experience increasing, it’s very interesting to compare different working style. Indeed, do business in Indonesia and especially in Bali is unlike the French one. First […]... Read more


This weekend, let’s go to Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub. After picking up the car we had just rented, we drive through Balinese countryside roads. Ubud is a nice city which is more calm than South west Bali. During daytime, the heat is the same than in Seminyak but you will get delighted by the cool […]... Read more

Favorite Villas

Working since 2 months in the Bali je t’aime company, I had the chance to visit and describe many villas. Those last ones are not all extraordinary but some hold my attention. Indeed, Bali is an island under construction where many projects go ahead. Thus the supply increase steadily. And as all market, each owner […]... Read more