Monthly Archives: October 2014


Villa Prospection

After nearly 2 months of internship in the office, I’m now quite familiar with the villa rental business in Bali. After having described a lot of wonderful villas to widen the range of choices on the website, I leave the office with my colleague in order to find out new havens of peace close […]... Read more

62 New Villas

During my internship in the Bali je t’aime agency, I had the chance to participate in the renewal of the agency Website. Indeed, this last one have to adapt to the changing market. The real estate skyrockets, the competitors multiply and the demand increases. In the same way, customers wait a best quality of services […]... Read more

Gili Islands Paradise !

After a month spent in Bali, let’s find out famous Gili Islands, a haven of paradise in the indonesian archipelago. After an hour and a half driving to get to Padangbai, we jump in one of the many “fast boats” that cruise from Bali to Gili Islands. As soon as the boat had left the […]... Read more

Motorcycle Or Bicycle

The traffic in Bali is very specific. Being a European recently arrive in, driving is a little like a fight against traffic where the only rule is the red light. To have asked a Balinese once, it is supposed to exist some traffic rules. This concept is still hazy when you are on the road. […]... Read more