2 Months And Half Of Experience

After 2 months and half in Bali Je T’aime company, it is time to make the points. Since the beginning, I had the chance to discover a lot. My professional experience increasing, it’s very interesting to compare different working style. Indeed, do business in Indonesia and especially in Bali is unlike the French one.
First of all, villas manager with who I mostly work are very accessible. The way of working is simple and they are open to our proposals. Furthermore, relations inside the office are excellent. Every one works in harmony in order to do the best job. There hasn’t been a conflict since I arrived, thing I never known before. Each person knows perfectly their job and sticks to it.
Likewise, it is very interesting to participate at the growing of the society. Business never stop to increase. It always changes and the adaptation process is very rewarding. It imposes a lot of changes and to question themselves. Thus, this internship is very formative. Besides, having always worked in large enterprise, discover a SME makes me understand a lot of things whose the versatility in particular.
This internship is what I was looking for. It allows me to know a way of working and a business that was unknown to me. Developing my knowledge and my autonomy, this experience has been so far beneficial for both personally and professionally aspects.

Gregory Elloy